About Germany

The Federal Republic of Germany is one of Europe’s largest countries, which encompasses a wide variety of landscapes: the tall, sheer mountains of the south; the sandy, rolling plains of the north; the forested hills of the urbanized west; and the plains of the agricultural east. At the spiritual heart of the country is the magnificent east-central city of Berlin, which rose from the ashes of World War II and now, after decades of partition, is now the capital of a reunified Germany. The Republic is located in central Europe between the Baltic and North Seas and borders Denmark to the North, Poland and Czech Republic to the East, Austria and Switzerland to the South and Netherlands and Belgium to the West. As a holiday destination Germany will spoil you for choice and give you a memorable holiday. With an interesting mix of culture, history and the outdoors, your German holiday will be one full of adventure and excitement.

The population of Germany is projected at 84 million people which makes it the most populous country in the European Union where about 84% are Germans and 26% have a foreign background. The national constitutions guarantee freedom of faith and religion although Christianity is the most prominent comprising an estimate of 54% of the country’s population. German is the only official and most widely spoken language and English is the most common foreign language. German cuisine varies from region to region and often neighboring regions share some culinary similarities. Bread, German cheeses and all meat are a significant part of German cuisine. The national alcoholic drink is beer as German beer consumption per person stands at 110 liters and remains among the highest in the world. International varieties such as pizza, sushi, Chinese food, Greek food, Indian cuisine and kebab are also popular.

The weather in Germany has four distinct seasons, though it can be unpredictable. The country has a cool or temperate climatic zone with humid westerly winds. In general, summers are warm, winters are cold, and the shoulder seasons of spring and fall often have the best weather. Summer (June to September) is the peak tourist season in Germany. The warm weather is great for outdoor activities such as hiking and swimming. The long sunny days ensure that you make the most of your time outdoors. Germany’s shoulder seasons are spring (March to May) and autumn (October to November). Spring is an unpredictable season which sees sunshine, rain, hail and even snow. Autumn is more consistent and experiences better weather than spring, except in November, which is colder. Winter (December to February) in Germany is a cold affair and temperatures often stray below freezing. The days grow shorter as the sun sets at around 4:00 pm. This is the quietest time in Germany. No matter the weather, there is plenty to do and see, from unending nightlife to world class museums.

  History, culture, and natural beauty perhaps best describe the essence of vacationing in Germany. With its many historic cities and quaint small towns, along with an abundance of forests and mountains, visitors are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing unique places to visit in this beautiful part of Europe. Those eager to sightsee or experience the arts should head to the larger metropolitan areas such as Munich, Frankfurt, or Hamburg. For those looking for recreational activities, consider a visit to places such as the majestic Bavarian Alps, the Black Forest, Rhine Islands or Europa park. Lovely old cathedrals like the Aachen Cathedral, Cologne cathedral and grand palaces are everywhere.  At the cultural heart of Germany is the capital, Berlin. Home to many fine museums and landmarks like the Museum Island, the Berlin wall, Berlins Brandenburg gate and galleries, this vibrant city makes for a great base from which to explore the many other delights the country has to offer. And for nature lovers, there's a whole world of possibilities in Germany's great outdoors.  

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